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Falling In Reverse - "Losing My Life"


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Views: 2,487,887 | Published: 26 June 2018 | Duration: 5m 49s

Like: 79010 | Dislike: 5534 | By: Epitaph Records

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"Losing My Life" by Falling In Reverse
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“Do I know you?"
“Yes, you do”
“This seems so familiar”
“You’re in a dream”
“Who are you?"
“I am your reflection.... you’ve been asleep for a very long time “

I lay awake every night
Lookin’ back on my life
Will apologies to the people I love
For the things I’ve done
Really make it right?
I guess it might
just then I realized
My past is the reason I’m here right now
As a matter of fact I won’t apologize

You bitches always pissed
Cause I am constantly changin’
Think of how far that I've made it from my incarceration it’s amazin’ ain’t it?
But I’m in the zone
I’m a rolling-stone
I’m coming home
But I’m not alone
Do I really got to let another motherfucker know?

No I won’t,
Surrender x2
No I won’t
Let you bring me down

So where the hell do I go from here?
Who do I believe when everyone
Feels so insincere?
(Like everyone’s out to get me)
Who will save my life?
How do I believe in anyone?
Please don’t mind me
I just kill myself sometimes.

Willow: uh daddy?
Ronnie: yes honey?
Willow: why did you go to jail?
Ronnie: uhhhhhhh

I’m a lot smarter than you think
Everything I did was planned
To get you to listen
To get your attention
so you post your opinion
And it gets me bigger

Are you triggered?

Haha... figures
Here’s the kicker with every trigger
I’m gettin’ richer from offended bitter little
Twitter bitches all up in my mentions
Lookin’ for attention cause they’re starved of it
You wanna call me king of the music scene?
I got news for you I’m the GOD OF IT
(Like the second comin’)
I respawn like I have a reset button
Hated more than trump is
Ronnie Radke’s back to rappin’
Actin' ratchet release the kraken
Delete your asses I’m not the rapture
I’m the mother-fuckin’ morning after



I need a miracle
I’m falling way too fast
I’m sinkin’ in too deep
I need an angel now
That’s watchin’ over me
If I could just wake up
If I could make you see
I’m all alone, all alone with your sickness in me

Willow: DAD WAKE UP!
Ronnie: ahh fuck what the..
willow: you were having a bad dream
Ronnie: where am I? turn the fuckin music off. who the fuck are you?!
Willow: I’m your daughter
Ronnie: oh no no you’re too old to be my daughter. What year is it?
Willow: it’s 2033 dad, you’ve been asleep for a very long time


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